External Hard Disk Data Recovery Singapore

External Hard Drive Data Recovery Singapore

Portable hard disk drives are susceptible to damage due to shock and impact. Care must be exercised to handle them carefully at all times. External hard disk data recovery is often needed when the data can no longer be read on a failed portable hard drive.

These USB hard drives are usually used to back up photos, music, videos and other important data. They have storage capacity as large as 5TB or more and will last you a long time when they are well taken care of.

Unforeseen things do happen to external hard drives and it no longer works when you plug it into your computer. With all your files, photos and videos inside, you are now at a loss of what to do next?

Do not panic. Simply reach out to our data recovery experts at (+65) 6589 8578 for help today.

How to Prevent Data Loss From Portable Drives

  1. Do not move the external hard drive when it is already connected to the computer. Any physical shifts could pose momentary shocks to the mechanical read/write heads within the storage drive. The resulting damage could be extremely severe during data transfer.
  2. Do not pull the cable out of the portable hard disk without properly ejecting it. After pressing the eject button for safe removal, it is good to wait for about 15 seconds before disconnecting the USB cable.
  3. Do not interrupt the USB connection of the portable drive when it is performing data transfer. This could result in data corruption and render the drive not detectable.
  4. Handle the portable hard drive with care and keep them in a protective case as they are prone to damage from impact.
  5. Keep proper records of encryption keys and/or passwords after enabling it on the storage drives.
  6. Always make backup copies of the important data files.

If you are experiencing a faulty or failed external hard drive, Just call us at (+65) 6589 8578 and we will be glad to assist and advise you. Data Recovery Singapore offers the most effective hard disk recovery services in Singapore.

Why Seek External Hard Drive Data Recovery Help?

It is very distressing that your precious photos, videos and files cannot be accessed on your external hard drive anymore. At this time, you do not wish to cause more aggravation to the existing damage in the hard disk and want to maximise the chances of recovering the data.

Give yourself the peace of mind, it is best to call a professional data recovery centre that specialized in portable hard drive recovery to help you safely recover the data right first time.

Why Choose Data Recovery Singapore?

Data Recovery Singapore is conveniently located in Singapore and we offer reliable external hard disk recovery services.

Our staffs are industry-trained professionals in hard drive data recovery. Engage our data recovery services and we will bring back your data the way you want it.

Enquire about External Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

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