EdgeCore Begins Building its Santa Clara Data Center Project

Four years after it first announced plans to enter the Silicon Valley market, developer EdgeCore Digital Infrastructure has broken ground on a new data center on its property in Santa Clara. The campus will feature two data centers supporting 72 megawatts of critical load across 540,000 square feet of space. Utility power will be available … Read more

The Last Data Center Migration Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Change is inevitable. It doesn’t matter the business or industry. Enterprises embark on transitions that require them to transfer a massive volume of data at a given time. Specific changes, including mergers, acquisition of new employees, or projects, require speed, agility, and unparalleled performance. No matter the magnitude, it is imperative that data migration disrupts … Read more

External Hard Disk Data Recovery Singapore

Portable hard disk drives are susceptible to damage due to shock and impact. Care must be exercised to handle them carefully at all times. External hard disk data recovery is often needed when the data can no longer be read on a failed portable hard drive. These USB hard drives are usually used to back … Read more

How to Pull Information From Another Sheet in Excel

Excel is a powerful tool for handling large sets of data. It allows users to organize information in a structured way and provides tools for analyzing and manipulating data. One of the most valuable features of Excel is its ability to reference data from other sheets within a workbook or even from another workbook. This … Read more

Unlimited data mobile plans

All home fibre broadband internet plans in Singapore come with unlimited data. But that’s not the case with all SIM-only mobile plans. Thankfully, certain mobile providers offer unlimited data, albeit with disclaimers. The best mobile plans with unlimited mobile data either costs extra, have shaped speeds or only include weekend data. Best unlimited data mobile … Read more

Warwick Data

What is Data Science for Social Good (DSSG)? DSSG helps not-for-profit organisations and government bodies to achieve more with their data by enhancing their services, interventions and outreach, helping fulfil their mission of improving the world and people’s lives. The programme gives not-for-profit organisations and government bodies unprecedented access to inspiring, top-tier data science talent. … Read more

6 Best Practices for Data Governance

When looking for data governance best practices, you can learn a lot from others who have worked through the various processes and templates. While each organization is different and you will need to adapt your data governance practices to your process, there is no need to completely reinvent the wheel. When applying an agile development … Read more

Top 30 Best Data Science Masters Programs

The demand for highly skilled data scientists is soaring. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for mathematicians and statisticians is expected to grow by 33% through 2029, much faster than average. Data scientists play an essential role in organizations of all sizes. They help make sense of all the data within an … Read more

Top 10 data centre companies in the Asia and Pacific regions

1. GDS Holdings GDS Holdings is a leading developer and operator of high-performance data centres in China and Southeast Asia, with facilities strategically located in primary economic hubs where demand for high-performance data centre services is concentrated. With a mission to provide the technology to transform China, GDS Holdings is “delivering a new kind of … Read more

UCF Boot Camps

This is a review on the online “Coding Bootcamp” from UCF. It really should be called “Web Development Bootcamp.” It says “Web Development” on their website https://bootcamp.ce.ucf.edu/coding/ but I did not see this page when signing up for the class. This program was a referral to me from a family member and I talked with … Read more